Having Daughters

Being a mother to daughters that are married with children is like being an on-call nurse,  a psychologist, a advice columnist, a time-traveler, a spiritual adviser,  and a lawyer. The list could go on and on. Real-estate agent, travel agent… sorry I’m getting carried away. Now I do not have training in most of those areas but that has never stopped them from assuming I have all the answers. I was warned when they were little that as they grew they would no longer care about my opinion or need my help. One is now 26 and the other 24 and apparently they haven’t grown up yet because they still want my opinion and help. That is not to say that we have not had times where I had to back off or they had to learn something on their own, but we have remained close.

See I decided that we would not be the typical mother/daughter relationship. I refused to believe that I had to go to war with my girls just because they got their own menstrual cycle and boobs. I chose to work things out when they went upside down. I taught them to respect me and then I worked to earn that respect. I told them the truth and expected the same. I loved them unconditionally even when we did not see eye to eye. I apologized when I got it wrong. We prayed when we didn’t know anything else to do.

I am not perfect. I would never make such claim. If your experience is different, it may or may not be your fault. I’m simply telling you that I refused to give into a stereotype!!

I love my girls and I appreciate the fact that they still have so much faith in me, my knowledge base, and my ability to think clearly in a crisis. BUT sometimes they wear me out, hahahaha. With 4 children and 2 husbands, 2 cats and a fish between them, (they all live in the same house currently, but that is another story) there are a lot of phone calls filled with questions, tears, laughter, and screaming children.

It’s always an adventure and just for your information being a grandmother has kicked being a mother’s butt and I really love being a mother!

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