Why Spring and I Are Just Friends

First hints of spring

The view from my back porch

The other day I was sitting on my back porch in the end-of-winter sunshine. The warm rays felt amazing. As I sat there I decided to lie down on my back to feel the sun on my face, and when I looked up this was my view. I sighed with a smile: “Hello spring, my lovely friend. It’s so good to see you again.” It gets me every year. There is such beautiful contrast between the bright yellowy-green of the leaves, the pure blue of the sky, and soft billowy white clouds. The air is so fresh and filled with the scents of budding new life. It truly is a beautiful season. I swear the picture does not do it justice.

Winter is over

There are few things I enjoy more than the realization that winter is over and spring has sprung. Yeah sure, like so many in the south I am allergic to the pollen, but I simply do not care. I despise winter and the cold dreary weather. The sunny warmth of spring brings an excitement of newness in its March winds. The bright green leaves and colorful flowers paint a fresh picture on a colorless winter canvas.

Summer is coming

Spring is a lovely season in so many ways. It is like an old friend coming home. Ultimately though, its presence means one thing: summer is coming. And oh how I love summer. Spring is like the wing-man that gets me a date with summer. Spring is like the usher at a fancy theater helping me find my seat for the main event – summer. Spring is like the petals the flower girl spreads over the aisle on which I am walking to marry my true love – summer. I am in love with summer, and that is why spring and I will always be just friends.

What about you, does my picture of spring remind you of what a lovely time of year it is or does it just make you sneeze?




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