Dream a Little Dream of Me…having an arguement with my brother in a hallway of rooms filled with people in a building in which I’ve never been?

All I Have to Do is Dream

The mind is an awesome and terrible thing. As I sit here, I cannot flush away thoughts of the bad dream I had last night. It has just enough basis in reality that it could have happened, and yet it did not. It was just a dream.

Party All Night (Sleep All Day)

It is so strange how the mind can take bits and pieces of events, then string them together, while filling in the gaps with made-up crap, only to end up with some bizarre story playing in my head all night. It’s not like I had a nightmare, per se. It was just a frustrating dream involving a disagreement with someone I know. Now, I have to keep reminding myself “it is not true”, “it did not happen”, and” you are sleepy because of a stupid dream”.

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

The mind plays dirty. It does not fight fair. It’s bad enough that it can run around inside my head, during the day, while I have the capacity to fight back. At night though, when I am all snug in the bed asleep, it just keeps on skulking around in there breaking stuff and trying to make new memories and pathways. At least that is how it feels.

Dream On

The reality is, my mind is probably just gathering things hidden deep in its recesses. It takes from random places and fits pieces together, often to only reveal what I am truly thinking about. Like everybody, I have things I think/worry about; relationships, finances, zombie apocalypse, my kids/grandkids, the country, terrorism, aliens, TV/movie/book plots – you know, just the normal stuff. Apparently my mind just wants to help sort those things out. Thanks… I think.

Here is one more song for the road Daydream Believer , but before you go be sure to comment about your dreams. Do you dream? Do you feel at odds with your own mind also?

And if the title has you singing Dream a Little Dream of Me here is a link for that too. You’re welcome 🙂 and feel free to share.


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