Pocahontas & the Hulk

See I have two amazing daughters. They are each in their mid-twenties. They are each married. The each have two kids. That’s about where the similarities end.

Pocahontas    Pocahontas

The older one is easily described as “paint with all the colors of the wind”. She loves color and creativity. Everything has a personality, even inanimate objects. She is a full spectrum of emotions at any given moment in time and about any given subject. She is a free spirit but full of questions about how she affects the world around her. She loves Pocahontas. She is Pocahontas, and if someone would let her keep a raccoon as a pet she would without hesitation.

The Hulk         The Hulk

The younger one has been endearingly referred to as “mean boss lady” and she loves that title. She loves bold colors, mostly red or green. She is very analytical. She tends to see the world in absolutes. For her if the numbers do not add up, then it is simple not happening. If she gets too hungry, she turns hangry. And you won’t like her when she’s hangry. She loves the Hulk. She is the Hulk, and if you piss her off she will smash something without hesitation.

They are each a beautiful conundrum. They are my daughters. They are my friends. They are my Pocahontas and my Hulk. I love them more than words could ever say.

How about you, do your children remind you of any particular characters? Do you have funny nicknames for them?

In case it needs to be said, these are caricatures at best. Both girls are by far more complicated and compelling than these descriptions, but when I call them by these names in the future you’ll understand a little bit about them. And for the record they have approved and quite honestly picked these names!



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