Why Spring and I Are Just Friends

The view from my back porch The other day I was sitting on my back porch in the end-of-winter sunshine. The warm rays felt amazing. As I sat there I decided to lie down on my back to feel the sun on my face, and when I looked up this was my view. I sighed with a smile: "Hello … Continue reading Why Spring and I Are Just Friends


Having Daughters

Being a mother to daughters that are married with children is like being an on-call nurse,  a psychologist, a advice columnist, a time-traveler, a spiritual adviser,  and a lawyer. The list could go on and on. Real-estate agent, travel agent... sorry I'm getting carried away. Now I do not have training in most of those areas but that has … Continue reading Having Daughters

Welcome to my blog.

I've tried this a couple of times and failed/quit/got lazy/whatever. Please don't hold that against me. We fall down, we get up. That is who I am. You can call me Nonie, that's pronounced N(ah)nee. It's not the name on my passport; that one is Stephanie.  Nonie happens to be what my grandkids call me. I really like it and so … Continue reading Welcome to my blog.