Has Anyone Seen the Keys…to my heart?


Photo by Alex Martinez at Unsplash

Writing Challenge Day 6 – Five keys to win my heart

  1. Laughter – Make me laugh. Laugh with me. Be silly with me until we giggle uncontrollably. Laughter truly is good medicine and for me has a serious bonding effect. It does the heart, mind, soul, and body good.
  2. Adoration – Tell me I’m pretty and make me believe it. I know this may sound shallow, but women tend to see the beauty in the world and yet forget to see the beauty that is within themselves, at least I do. I need to be reminding that beauty resides on the inside and the outside of me.
  3. Listening – Lend me your ear. Give me your undivided attention. Care about what I have to say. Hear my heart. Engage your ears and your mind while in conversation with me. Don’t try to fix me, just listen and understand.
  4. Enjoyment – Have fun with me. Play with me. Dance with me. Sing with me. Travel with me. Find ways to enjoy life with me, and you’ll find yourself unlocking my heart.
  5. Knowledge – Get to know me. Know my facial expressions, sighs, and body language. Know what I like, need, and want. Know me well enough to buy me a gift without having to get my permission or opinion. Know that for me affectionate gifts can range anywhere from a Mr Pibb (currently known as PibbXtra) to office supplies to Amazon money to electronics/tech. The knowledge of “me” is one of the most effective keys to winning my heart.

Wow that is a lot of secrets and hints. Winning my heart sounds easy and difficult at the same time. Welcome to my world. Finding the key to one’s heart should be a beautiful, difficult, and adventurous journey worth taking.


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