Speak to Me with a Song

Writing Challenge Day 7 – List 10 songs that you are loving right now.

Ok these lists are getting annoying. Oh no, I am going to be rebellious again.

I love music. I don’t know if I really have any favorites right now.

I love a song that makes me feel like dancing, it speaks to my booty.

I love a song that can make me cry, it speaks to my heart.

I love a song that has interesting intricacies and nuances, it speaks to my mind.

I love a song from the 80’s, it speaks to my youth.

I love a song with steel drums, it speaks to my summer self.

I love a song that makes my want to sing, it speaks to my voice.

I love a song that reminds me everything is gonna be alright, it speaks to my soul.

I love a song that is funny, it speaks to my sense of humor.

I love a song that is loud, it speaks to my bones.

I love a song score from a good movie, it speaks to the ebb and flow of my emotions.

That is 10 songs. No they are not specific, they are descriptive. Music changes with the seasons, but the core of what I love rarely changes.

Feel free to share with me your favorite songs, I love to hear what kind of cool music others are enjoying. People seem to find the most interesting stuff I have never even heard of.







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