Who Will Speak For You?

Writing Challenge Day 10 – Write about something for which you feel strongly.

Be An Advocate

Lately I find myself telling people, who come to me for advice about “whatever”, the same thing over and over. Be your own advocate.

Advocate is defined as a person who pleads on someone else’s behalf.

It’s synonyms are words like: champion · upholder · supporter · backer · promoter · spokesperson · campaigner · fighter · crusader. Most everyone wants a person in life that one of these words would describe. Sometimes you need someone to speak for you, and that someone should be YOU!


Photo by Yanko Peyankov at Unsplash

Use Your Voice

First and foremost, you must learn to speak up for yourself. If you are in the doctor’s office, and you have questions, ASK them. If you have symptoms, SPEAK up. Your doctor does not live with you, in your body, or in your head! You must convey for your own benefit what is going on with you!

If you are at the hair stylist’s, the same holds true. Tell them about your hair. Tell them what you prefer and how you wear it. If you’ve ever had your hair done right, take a picture of yourself to the stylist. Don’t take a picture of some famous person, and expect a “walking on water” type of miracle to be performed on your head!!! Be honest with yourself and your stylist. You will both be much happier with the results.

In your job, in your relationships, in a retail store, in church, wherever you are, you must speak up for yourself. You must be an advocate for yourself. Don’t make someone else be responsible for your life, your voice, and your decisions. That is not fair to you or them, and honestly you will rarely get what you truly need by living that way.

Be A Voice

Be a voice for yourself, and then go be a voice for someone who honestly does not have a voice! It will make you stronger. It will make the world stronger!!! I love what Gandhi said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. It all starts with using your own voice, being an advocate for yourself, and then and only then being a voice for others!

Don’t Be A Dick

Being your own advocate does not mean to be a dick to people! It’s not about bashing people over the head, yelling in someone’s face or accusing everyone of not taking care of you. I’m not talking about cultivating your own inner jerk! I’m talking about making yourself and the world around you a better, more peaceful place in which to live.

Now go be your own advocate, so that the people around you don’t have to guess about what will make you happy! It is your job to communicate what you need. Use your voice. Speak for yourself.




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