I’m So Excited, I Just CAN Hide It.

Writing Challenge Day 13 – What are you excited about?

I have a couple of traveling adventures lined up and that excites me. I am scheduled to go to Israel in the fall. I have never been but have always wanted to go. When I was 15 I was supposed to go but plans fell through because of some selfish people. Since then I have said that if an opportunity ever opened up to me for traveling to Israel I was going and one finally did. I have seriously considered just booking a ticket and going by myself, but now I do not have to do that.

Pocahontas is moving to the Georgia coast. That will afford me a little extra beach time and everyone knows how much I love my beach time!

I have a couple of other things cooking, but I think I will keep that info on a back burner for now. As excited as I am, I have much more that I am a little scared and intimidated by going on at the moment. I will continue to work on balancing these and try to focus more on the exciting!



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