A Day in the Life of Nonie

Writing Challenge Day 15 – Bullet point your whole day.

My schedule has not been very interesting in the last few years and I would be sort of embarrassed to have bullet pointed any given day. See I had been a stay at home mom until a couple of years ago when the girls both got married and I became an empty-nester (which sucks, btw).

I also became a hormonal emotional or maybe emotionless blob, but I’ll save that for another day, another post.

Anyway my schedule has changed very recently, partly because I began watching 2 of my grandchildren (Miss Crazy Pants and The Prom King) 4 days a week. So with that I will commence with today’s bullet points.

  • I wake up
  • The kids arrive
  • The kids eat a snack (They think this is what they are supposed to do whenever they come to my house. It’s their rule not mine.)
  • I talk to The Hulk for a couple of minutes
  • The Prom King goes down for a nap
  • Miss Crazy Pants and I watch season finale of Project Runway All Stars
  • Miss Crazy Pants wants a drink and a snack
  • Miss Crazy Pants watches Minions while snuggling me (I nap)
  • The Prom King wakes up
  • We eat lunch
  • The kids play
  • The kids nap
  • I get dressed to leave the house
  • The Hulk has a washer & dryer stored at my house which we load up and take to her house
  • We unload washer & dryer and then load up the grill and stuff to go back to my house.
  • We unload grill and stuff at my house
  • We go eat Mexican food
  • I have a margarita – yum
  • I go to Publix and buy a piece of cheesecake
  • We go home and watch the recent DVRed episode of Alone
  • I eat the cheesecake
  • I draw
  • I blog
  • And now I will go to bed.

Wow I did a lot today. It’s been a busy week. I have a lot going on right now, I think I may stay busy a while. Oh well, no more sitting on the couch everyday with nothing to do.

Goodnight all. Thanks for letting me bore you with my day. You are awesome.




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