Miss You Much

Writing Challenge Day 16 – Something that you miss

Babyman And His New Room

Babyman and His New Room

A few weeks ago Pocahontas and her family moved about 5 hours away. She’s always lived within a hour and we rarely go a week without seeing each other. I am very close to my daughter and being separated from her is not easy.

I have also seen my grand-boys (Babyman and Dr. Evil) on a weekly basis up until the move. I just don’t like missing time with them that I and they are used to having regularly. Dr. Evil is an infant and so I am missing some firsts/key moments in his life especially. Most days I do pretty well, but the last week has been difficult. I love all of my grandchildren dearly and being apart from any of them breaks my heart a little.  We talk on the phone and via Messenger Video. I am technically not missing that much due to technology, but I cannot touch, smell, kiss, tickle, or hug them and that is rough.

I get to see them this weekend and I cannot wait!

To all of you grandparents who live a significant distance from your kids/grandkids my heart goes out to you, I think about you and pray for you. Relationships are precious; value them and treat them with great care!