Reason I Am Boring #42

Reason #42.

I cannot help but laugh… I am boring because I know what 42 means.

What’s so special about 42?

If you have an Amazon Echo device, stop now and ask Alexa. Don’t worry, she knows the answer. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (Alexa, what is 42?) Continue reading


Reasons I Am Boring

I am boring…

I’ve been thinking about why writing this blog is so difficult for me, and I have decided it’s because I am boring. No one wants to read anything I (Nonie) want to talk about.

It is not a mystery to me that I have a rough time believing in myself. I often tell those around me that I am boring, irrelevant, and invisible.

They* want to punch me in the head for saying so. They vehemently disagree with my assessment of myself. They think I should take a better look at me.

Here is the problem; for every argument they make Continue reading