This Too Shall Pass

Recently I was watching Talking with Chris Hardwick (AMC and The Nerdist Podcast) with Michelle Monaghan as the guest. She shared a story about how Kevin Bacon had once told her “this too shall pass” during a conversation in which she was talking about something good in her life.

Now I grew up in church circles where this was/is common advice for when you are going through something crappy or tough. (It is after all from the story of Esther in the Bible.) Kevin Bacon was however making the point that, good or bad, this too shall pass.

This revelation shook me. People DO NOT say that. That is not how that phrase is used.

But you know what, he was right. He was sharing something very valuable he had learned in his life. For him, he was talking about his daughter being little and realizing she would not stay that way. This too shall pass. She is grown now.

Once I realized just how valuable this was, I wanted to share it because I believe it is a revelation that would do us all well. Find treasure in today. Take time to enjoy now. Let yourself feel the joy of the moment. For this too shall pass.

Next time you are going through something you perceive to be bad, please know that this too shall pass and may it pass quickly. But also remember the next time you find yourself in the middle of something good that this too shall pass.

Hold on to the good. Spend time with those you love. Don’t rush. Don’t stay behind your phone or even your camera. Don’t live in tomorrow.

Touch. Speak. Listen. Taste. See. Breathe.

For this too shall pass.


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