Lazy Lies

I’ve spent a majority of my life believing I’m lazy, and yet I had a hard time resting today.

How does that make any sense?

See, I keep 3 of my grandchildren 4 days a week. My other 2 (soon to be 3) grandchildren were here over the weekend as well with my daughter. Sunday, we had a family dinner with 11 of us, where I cooked and then cleaned everything up. Plus when the grands are here, they rarely go to their mama or daddy for anything; they come to their Nonie. 🙂

I’m not looking for sympathy; my life is my own. I just say all of that to make a point; I have been busy and feel like I’m on the verge of getting sick. #ColdandFluSeason My immune system is working overtime, and I need to slow down before it crashes.

No one was in my house today, and I needed to rest.

That has proven harder than I believe it should.

How can that be? I’m lazy, remember?

So here’s the thing, as I’ve been busy lately, I’ve been thinking about this belief I have that I am lazy. The evidence has started to point out that perhaps the belief is a lie.

I could tell you my father once told my brother and others I got laid off from a job because I was lazy. I could tell you my husband spent years implying I was lazy because I didn’t do things on his timeline. I could tell you about all the school moms who thought I was lazy because I was a stay-at-home mom. I won’t even though I kind of just did.

I got left with the understanding that it was simply fact; I am lazy.

BUThere’s the truth:

It does not matter what others believed or said about me. It matters what I believe about me.


*I take care of people, grocery shop, cook food, and my house is relatively clean. That’s not the way of a lazy person.

*I like to play video games but rarely do because I’m afraid I’ll get lost playing all day/all week and not get anything done. That’s not a lazy person’s mentality.

*I repair, change, and rearrange things in my house regularly so it doesn’t get out of hand or boring. That’s not something a lazy person does.

*I had a hard time resting today. A lazy person does not have to make themselves rest.

But I did have to make myself, because I am in need of rest.

That is not laziness.

I will not feel guilty.

I do not have to make excuses about why it was necessary.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I will no longer believe an old lie.

#DoNotBelieveOldLies #LazyLies


Random Thought About Learning

If one learns a skill using tutorials via YouTube, Pinterest, etc., then is one truly self taught?

#LearningToCrochet #LearningToKnit

Crochet Practice – Please don’t judge, I’m new at this.

People are putting their hard earned time into writing and/or filming tutorials. It seems awfully haughty to act like if one doesn’t use an in person, face to face teacher, then whatever is learned is ultimately self taught. Whether one hires an individual or uses a tutorial, work must be put into the skill by both the learner and the teacher regardless of the forum in which learning and teaching take place. So unless one sits down and hammers out the learning without any outside instruction, then I do not believe it is a case of being self taught.

#JustMyOpinion #GiveCreditWhereCreditIsDue #GoLearnSomethingNew

BTW and are my go-to’s for tutorials right now.

Oh yeah and this makes reason #6 I am boring. Nothing says boring like a 47 year old grandmother learning to crochet. 😀