An Unusual Blessing For A New Year

Happy New Year!

I’m feeling a little out of sorts as this new year dawns. I spent a quiet evening at home trying to get through am awful chest cold. My girls and their respective families spent the evening in their own homes as well.

We are NEVER apart for this holiday. This year we were not together for several different reasons. It has been difficult and sort of sad.

I’m not superstitious, so I don’t believe that means we will be apart all year or anything like that. I have, however, been saying I can feel a shift coming, and this feels like a contribution to that feeling.

Don’t worry. I’m not a doomsday prophet bring news of some great shift to the country or world or whatever. I tend to think the shift affects myself or perhaps my family.

I simply am pointing out that change happens; sometimes with warning, sometimes without.

Change is often necessary.

We get stuck in ruts. Or we rush headlong into too many ventures. We lose things or people. Or we gain things or people. We often hold onto what is not ours. Or we’re too scared to pick up what is.

The point is sometimes change is the only thing that makes us stop and reevaluate.

So my new year’s blessing is: May this year bring all the necessary changes to set things in order for your household and mine.



4 thoughts on “An Unusual Blessing For A New Year

  1. It’s funny to read this now almost a month later when the word on my mind so far has been “change”. It feels so very personal for our family and I have been experiencing it already in my own day to day. I look forward to what’s coming with a sense of calm and preparation.

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