Cornbread. Cabin walls. Pretentious personalities. Sand in my swimsuit. Low light photography. My middle aged memories. Today's daily prompt. GRAINY I'm sorry this sounds like the random answers to some family night board game category, but it's all I've got tonight. I take that back, I'm not really sorry; I like game night!   Photo credit:  

I’m Crabby and I Know It

Writing Challenge Day 17 and 18 What is your Zodiac sign and does it fit? & Name 30 random facts about yourself. I am a Cancer, the Crab. Yeah it fits me pretty well, but I am not a big follower of all things Zodiac. I will say that I believe that the day, time of year and … Continue reading I’m Crabby and I Know It

Has Anyone Seen the Keys…to my heart?

Writing Challenge Day 6 - Five keys to win my heart Laughter - Make me laugh. Laugh with me. Be silly with me until we giggle uncontrollably. Laughter truly is good medicine and for me has a serious bonding effect. It does the heart, mind, soul, and body good. Adoration - Tell me I'm pretty and make me believe it. I … Continue reading Has Anyone Seen the Keys…to my heart?

Where Do You Want to Go Next?

Day 5 - List 5 places you want to visit Israel The Maldives Turks & Caicos Hawaii Australia I bet you can't tell I love tropical beaches! If someone gave you $100,000 and told you the only stipulation is you have to go to the airport, buy a ticket and fly anywhere in the world, where would … Continue reading Where Do You Want to Go Next?