Pocahontas & the Hulk

See I have two amazing daughters. They are each in their mid-twenties. They are each married. The each have two kids. That's about where the similarities end. Pocahontas    The older one is easily described as "paint with all the colors of the wind". She loves color and creativity. Everything has a personality, even inanimate objects. She … Continue reading Pocahontas & the Hulk


Why Spring and I Are Just Friends

The view from my back porch The other day I was sitting on my back porch in the end-of-winter sunshine. The warm rays felt amazing. As I sat there I decided to lie down on my back to feel the sun on my face, and when I looked up this was my view. I sighed with a smile: "Hello … Continue reading Why Spring and I Are Just Friends

Having Daughters

Being a mother to daughters that are married with children is like being an on-call nurse,  a psychologist, a advice columnist, a time-traveler, a spiritual adviser,  and a lawyer. The list could go on and on. Real-estate agent, travel agent... sorry I'm getting carried away. Now I do not have training in most of those areas but that has … Continue reading Having Daughters